Hardanger is filled with small towns, where you'll find excellent dining options – whether you are seeking classy, traditional dining or something a little more casual.


The Trolltunga Hotel is the official partner hotel of Trolltunga Active. The Trolltunga Hotel Resturaunt is the pearl of Odda and provides a cozy atmosphere to enjoy traditional food and recharge your batteries.


The restaurant is conveniently located for after a day exploring. The traditional Norwegian cuisine is inspired by the local surroundings and natural ingredients.


An honor member of the Hardanger cuisine scene is Fjell & Fjord in Eidfjord. The name is translates as Mountain And Fjords, which is quite fitting! It is divided into a café and restaurant, both with a delightful atmosphere.  

Kafe + Kremmeri is the café, located in Eidfjord centre. Here the focus is simplicity and delicious taste; make your own sandwich, or perhaps enjoy mouth-watering local apple cake.


The restaurant, is located at the Fjell & Fjord Eidfjord Hotel. The extraordinary talented chefs cooks homemade and magnificent meals made with quality local products.


The guide Richard's insider tip: Eidfjord has fantastic scenery and the cuisine is the perfect addition to a day spent exploring the area.


Hidden in the charming valley, Dimmelsvik in Kvinnherad, the bakory Brødskreppa serves freshly made baked goods; cinnamon rolls, pizza buns, various bread etc.

The guide Akhila insider’s tip: after a day filled with activities, it is compulsory to buy a couple of “solskinnsbolle”! This is unquestionably the best you can ever find!!


Drive along the scenic Hardangerfjord from Jondal towards Utne, for 15-20 minutes, and you will discover the fjord's charming and idyllic village, Herand.


The restaurant Meieriet is the gem of Herand; it is instantly recognizable from its yellow paintwork laying right by the road. The rustic interior provides a cultural environment as you can view the fjord. Be greeted with a smile as you visit the restaurant serving high-quality food!


The guide Laurids’ insider tip: Try the signature stone baked pizzas and a cold, local produce drink! This is undoubtedly the highlight of the day when taking the bicycle for a hike with an astonishing scenery.


In true traditional style, Utne Hotel is serving high-quality meals based on local products to get the taste of Hardanger. This cozy and authentic hotel is located in a picturesque corner of Norway, Utne.

The orchards nearby have the best apples to add the perfect aroma to the apple cakes served. A selection of scrumptious food surrounded by harmonic nature, will give you the ultimate national romantic experience; the ramsons are hosted in local areas, calf from Folkestad, and the lamb is from Hardanger.


The guide Marie's insider tip: Everything tastes better when it is homemade, and the hotel restaurant live up to any expectations! Their jam has a heavenly flavor, and the most delighted sourdough bread served for breakfast.


Dolce Vidda serves ice cream, which is worth visiting Eidfjord itself. The heart beats for fruits from local orchards, and the gelato goodness are made with passion of high-quality essence. But in all seriousness, be careful! These ice creams are dangerously delicious! As the flavors are amazing, Dolce Vidda focus on sustainability; a match made in heaven! And when there are also vegan and lactose-free options, can it really become better?


The guide Kristoffer's insider tip: Combine a trip to Vøringsfossen and a cold, fruity ice cream!


Hardanger is full of culinary surprises, and in Rosendal, you will find another pearl of cuisine. If you are in for a real treat, you must drop by Baroniet - the Manor from 1665 and Rosendal Gardens, surrounded by majestic mountains. The entire atmosphere is idyllic and the serve eye popping food presentations. The restaurant at Baroniet is divided into Rosendal Greenhouse for delicious and light lunch, the Tea Room for coffee and home-baked cakes, Blue Dining Room to be served gourmet dinners. 


Guide Maja's insider tip: Baroniet is the perfect place to gather a group to enjoy three or five at the Blue Dining Room. Also, a lot of well-known and fantastic singers visits to perform, and will definitly give the ultimate harmonic experience. 


Get ready to be impressed! Discover the restaurant Gløyp in Kinsarvik, be served a plate filled with delightfull food with a focus on locally and high-quality produced food. The chef's creativity offers must-try food; pizza, pasta, hamburger and so on. The cuisine experience will be highlighted by the breathtaking view. 


The guide Ole Jacob's insider tip: Kinsarvik is typically the place to drive by, but is certainly worth stop by and enjoy the nature and food it has to offer. If you are looking for a light lunsj or are hungry for dinner, the talented chef serve you food that is convenient for you.