How to get here from Oslo

From Oslo Airport Gardermoen

The transportation from Gardermoen airport to Oslo bus terminal has been simplified, and you are provided with a few options to arrive the centrum. Get acquainted with them by reading our public transportation information. 


The Flybus from Gardermoen departures regulary, and takes you to Oslo Terminal in about 45 minutes. Take advance of your bus tour to view the Oslo area! 


View the schedule for bus here



As often as 10 minutes, the airport train departures from Gardermoen to Oslo City Center - all night and day. Experience the comfortable transporation as you arrive the destination in quickly 20 minutes. 


Click here, to book your ticket in advance, and view the specific schedule.



From Oslo Main Bus Station & City Center to Odda

If you are seeking transfer directly from the airport, you can click here to find the connection from Gardermoen to Odda, including a bus change at the Oslo Terminal. 

Sit down in comfortable seats, and enjoy the scenery as the public transportation bring you to Odda! An enjoyable tour in addition to being green is a match made in heaven! This bus runs three times during a day (including the night bus), and takes apporixmately 6,5 - 7 hours. 


The overview of time table and booking


Perhaps you prefer the train rather than bus? In such a case, the train arrives Voss, furthermore you must take the bus (or other transportation) to reach Odda. The train departures Oslo City Center (Oslo S) relatively often, and the travel duration is between 5 to 6 hours. 


Train from Oslo to Voss.


The 2 hour bus from Voss Station will take you directly to Odda. Plan you travel here.


From Oslo to Odda by Car

Whatever route you decide to explore direction Odda, you will experience absolutely breathtaking, scenic surroundings! Both roads surprise with variety of scenery, and you will surely not get bored!

But in all seriousness - be prepared for small roads you are perhaps not experienced with! The roadway can be unpredictable, especially as winter is approaching (October - April). Thus, great winter tires are crucial in terms of increasing safety. It is advisable to keep up-to-date in advance to be informed about potential incidents. 

Vegvesen (Traffic Information) 


Drive direction Odda by driving through Notodden, the other well-known city for Hydropower like in Tyssedal, continue to lovely Seljord, and then our ski-paradise Røldal - 45 minutes before reaching the final destination. 


This route will take 5,5 - 6 hours. 


Route Oslo to Odda through Haukeli



This route is insignificantly longer than Haukeli, and the travel duration through Hardangervidda will be 6,5 hours. Like the other tour, you will explore places that will stick to our memory! Take a pit stop at places that expresses something extraordinary in order to make your roadtrip unforgettable! You will drive past Eidfjord, where you can stop to witness the very Vøringsfossen, before completing the road trip by driving through the iconic Sørfjorden. 


Oslo to Odda through Hardangervidda



From Odda to our Trolltunga Active Base in Skjeggedal

In the summer season (15th of June to 15th of September) there are public shuttle busses run from most hotels in Odda to Skjeggedal.

Trolltunga Public Shuttle Bus


Otherwise, you can get there by taxi.