How to get here from Haugesund

From Haugesund Airport

The bus from Haugesund Airport to the Bus Station goes relatively often, and you can view the planner here

It takes approximately 30 minutes to arrive the station. 


From Haugesund Main Bus Station & City Center

Public transportation is constantly developing to become more convenient, moreover, you will go green! It is still advisable to plan in advance to ensure you will arrive Odda in reasonable time.


Bus from Haugesund to Odda

From Haugesund to Odda by Car

You might want to get acquainted with the route from Haugesund to Odda; take a drive for approximately 2 hours. 

Notice: During the winter (october - april), it is crucial to have good winter tires due to unpredictable weather and slippery roads!


Map of route from Haugesund to Odda



From Odda to our Trolltunga Active Base in Skjeggedal

In the summer season (15th of June to 15th of September) there are public shuttle busses run from most hotels in Odda to Skjeggedal.

Trolltunga Public Shuttle Bus


Otherwise, you can get there by taxi.