Get to the (lille)top!

At Lilletopp, you will enjoy a panoramic veiw over the iconic Harndanger Fjord, of Odda, Countless water falls and enjoy ultimate serenity. suitable for almost every age. Its a short hike through steep terrain for about 30 minutes to reach five water pipelines at the top.

If you would like to challenge yourself, put on climbing gear and join our professional guides for the Tyssedal Via Ferrata! This adventure is the perfect blend of local history and adrenaline!

In Tyssedal on the edge of the Hardanger Fjord, you will find the old Hydropower Station Museum where the pipelines end. This small place is filled with unique history of the industrial development that increased the number of inhabitants drastically. At the top, you are able to join guided tour in the tunnels and caves to see the struggle the hard-working employees had to go through building the power station. Afterwards a film will show a set of photos with voiceover for the full historical insight!

When you reach the top you can relax and enjoy the scenery from the cafe in the old guard house. It's important to keep the batteries charged and the cafe serves waffles and hot drinks