Trolltunga Sunset/Sunrise Sleepover Tours

The most exciting outdoor experience and accommodation near Trolltunga!


Join our expert guides to catch the last light of the day, and wake up to this incredible view! You'll be amazed by the comfort of our Arctic Dome with a  see-through ceiling for views of the night sky. After our day of hiking to Trolltunga, we will enjoy a lovely evening meal at the Dome - traditional Norwegian specialities by candlelight. 


Our domes are laid out to give you a sense of Hygge (a Scandinavian concept of coziness, wellness and contentment) to give an insight into the ‘Heart of the Norwegian mountain feeling.’. This trip is perfect those who want avoid the midday crowds, spend as much time as possible at Trolltunga, and watch the sun rise or set.  You are also breaking the long hike in half by spreading it over two days. Perfect for those intimidated by the one day option. 


For added adventure, combine the Trolltunga Via Ferrata with the Sunset Accommodation. Our Via Ferrata is a climb filled with adrenaline, and will really get your heart beating! It finishes near the domes, a perfect choice for those wanting an overnight trip with an added kick. 


We have carefully chosen the campsite for the Trolltunga Active Dome to be sheltered with an uninterrupted view of the Ringadalsvatnet while keeping a good distance from the main trail in order to achieve ultimate silence and serenity. It is situated just 2km back down the trail from Trolltunga, so you can travel at a leisurely pace. 

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