Trolltunga Active Winter Guided Tour

Majestic Winter

Let's get ready for winter time! When Trolltunga and generally the nature is covered in snow and ice, it reinforces its majestic expression, which you definitely shouldn't miss. The cold is arriving, so bring your thick layers of clothing to keep the warmth, put on snowshoes, and view the uniqueness of Winter Wonderland! The Trolltunga Active guides are professional with lots of experience to make sure will have a safe journey you will remember forever; this is an expedition far from the ordinary. To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles, and our goal is for you to enjoy a true winter adventure together with us! Do the entire hike on one day, or do the Trolltunga Sunset/Sunrise Winter to stay the night in the coolest accommodation; our Arctic Dome is formed like an igloo with see-through ceiling and wall in order to catch the last light of day in a unique atmosphere. This encounter peace and solitude, and you will be served delicious dinner after our hike, and then breakfast the next day before returning

Please note that due to unpredictable weather conditions, we are never certain to enter Trolltunga itself for a picture. We strongly emphasize your safety, and therefore prefer to take your photo in front, and with Trolltunga in the background - which is just as nice!

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