·         Windproof clothing (upper and lower body)

·         Winter boots

·         One base layer of thermals/wool (upper and lower body)

·         One extra insulating layer (ex. Down jacket)

·         Extra socks

·         Gloves

·         A warm hat/beanie

·         A backpack of minimum 35 litres.

·         Big lunch consisting of nutritious and easy to eat food (like sandwiches).
Snacks and protein bars are not real food, but a nice supplement.

·         2 litres of water (It is not possible to fill up water in the winter mountain)

·         Sunglasses

·         Sun lotion/sunscreen

·         Bring all of the above and try to pack as light as possible.

It is possible to rent jackets, pants, boots and backpacks at the Trolltunga Active Base in Skjeggedal. Hiking poles and snowshoes are included in the price.