In Norway, there is no storage for the waterfalls, and they exist in all forms! Take a trip from one destination to another in Hardanger, and you will be amazed by the countless sceneries. Due to the climate and glaciers, they express the immense majestic power of water. This is making arguably some of the most picturesque in the area!


On the road, right before arriving Odda, you will discover Låtefoss; get a close look at the twin waterfall, situated in Oddadalen. Enjoy the 165-metre-high attraction as the clear water falls along the iconic mountain wall and goes under the arch bridge; it takes on an ethereal beauty! Through many years, this has been a very photogenic stop for travellers, and our adventurous visitors will continue being impressed! 


Guide Mats's insider tip: park your vehicle at the parking spot in front of the waterfall, buy an ice cream or something to drink at the souvenir shop, and talk a walk around to capture the two separated streams. 


At the opposite direction of Odda, drive approximately 10 minutes to reach a grocery shop with opening hours every day, including Sunday, during high-season.  


Take full advantage of your trip in Hardanger, and visit the simply stunning Vøringsfossen, approximately 17 kilometre from Eidfjord. The waterfall is easily accessible, and as you stand on the overlook platform you witness from above the huge volumes of water falling 182 metres, and a free fall on 145 metres. No wonder this waterfall is one of the most popular attraction in Norway.


Guide Mike's insider tip: before going to Vøringsfossen, buy the local ice cream Dolce Vita in Eidfjord to experience fulfill the entire experience of the area! Additionally, view the waterfall closely by taking a small hike down the old trail. Down here, there are information signs providing you the direction to follow. 


The waterfalls are endless in Norway, and you can witness them from above, in front and below. Steindalsfossen in Norheimsund, on the contrary, provide you the opportunity to view the power of water from behind; there is built a footpath to walk in the back while avoiding getting wet from the water. This is nearby the main road, moreover is easily accessible!


Guide Ragnhild’s insider tip: I tend to stop here on my way from Bergen, particularly on rainy days; it becomes even more magnificent and powerful as the water volume increases. I also enjoy a nice meal when I have the chance in the old and historic Hotel Sandven in Nordheimsund.