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Trolltunga Active | leave no trace

Leave no trace

Being part of our vulnerable and breathtaking nature give you tons of responsibilities.
Staying safe and well prepared - always knowing how to react on change (in weather etc) and securing the nature of yourself leaving no traces behind.


  • Everything you have taken with you shall be brought back.
    Leave NO tents or supplement gear back for others to use.
    They will bring their own - you only pollute by leaving anything behind - even if you wanted to be nice.


  • Do not through anything. No stones, no bio waste, no waste at all.
    Animals might not know the difference between good or bad bio waste.
    You are in a special animal zone of the Norwegian mountains. You carry responsibility to not interfere.


  • Go by public transport as much as possible.
    There are better and cheaper ways of travelling than never before in our region.

  • Check out the public busses,
    Trolltunga shuttles at the right side.