Are you seeking an extra unique experience?

Private tours:

For an exceptional and personalized experience, consider a private tour. Unlike regular tours where you share a guide with other participants, a private tour ensures exclusivity for your travel party. You can indulge in activities at your preferred pace while receiving undivided attention from the guide. Please note that private tours with a dedicated guide involve additional costs.

Traveling with a larger group?

Friend Group:

Create unforgettable moments and strengthen bonds with exciting activities for your group of friends, whether it's a celebration or an adventure.

Family Group:

Share spectacular moments with loved ones through diverse activities catering to both young adventurers and seasoned explorers.


Boost teamwork and motivation in your workplace with a range of exciting activities.

Courses or School Trips:

Enrich classroom learning with engaging nature- and history-based experiences for students.

Choose between private tours for an exclusive, personalized experience or regular tours to meet new people. Please be aware that private tours with a dedicated guide incur additional costs.

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