Tyssedal Via Ferrata

  • approx. 5 hrs
  • Hydro power museum in Tyssedal
  • 01.01-01.12
99% of Norways electricity is produced by waterpower. Experience how it all started by climbing the spectacular Via Ferrata trail next to the water pipes in Tyssedal. An adventure that will take your breath away with the amazing scenery. Witness the extreme altitudes and conditions where the pioneer workers manually built the waterpower constructions more than 100 years ago.


The tours starts with an introduction to the history behind, the guides of Kraftmuseet will bring you back to the period of 1850-1920, to an spectacular and changing periode in the history of Norway, small villages were changed into industrial centres, why was the hydro power plant built in the Tyssedal, how did they manage, enormous constructions installed in 90 degrees hillsides, all done with handpower, hand-chiseled tunnels, bricks, and installalation of the water pipes .

After the introduction, the climb starts, and you will first-hand experience of the everyday life of the navvies who built the power plant, all while surrounded by beautiful nature.

Adventure information Tyssedal Via Ferrata

● Duration 4-5 hours ● Tours: 10:00 or 16:00

Meet up at Kraftmuseet in Tyssedal


-Normal physical condition.

Please inform us of any medical conditions like asthma, epilepsy etc.

-Min. age 15 yrs/ 12 yrs together with parents

FROM 900 NOK. Price includes:

-A professional guide carrying safety and first-aid equipment

-All necessary climbing gear

-Museum tour with historical film session showing the industry development of the area

Please contact us for group or personalized Adventure Options.

Nice to know: 

Packing list and all necessary adventure information will be provided in your booking confirmation.

We encourage you to join the Trolltunga Active information meeting at Trolltunga Hotel in Odda by 21:00 the evening prior to your tour. Our guides will inform you about the hike, equipment needed, weather forecast and more.

Climbing on your own

If you/all in the group,

  • have climbing experience
  • are above the age of 15 year

you can climb the via ferrata without a guide. For climbing on your own you must pay a maintenance fee of 350 nok/person. This can be paid at our store in Skjeggedal, or to our VIPPS account Trolltunga Active. In the store in Skjeggedal we also have rental of climbing gear and bikes.

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  • Historic tour
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  • approx. 5 hrs
  • Hydro power museum in Tyssedal