How to get here

How to get here?

Trolltunga Active Base is located at parking P2 in Skjeggedal (location in Google maps).

Most visitors have their base in Odda or nearby villages. The distance from Odda to the P2 parking is approximately 20 minutes by car.

For public transportation from Odda to the P2 parking/start point for Trolltunga hikes, please refer to the information provided here.

Between October 15th and June 1st, Trolltunga Hotel , located in Odda, offers free transportation to the meeting point for Trolltunga hikes as part of the accommodation package.

Public transportation

BY BUS: The bus company Skyss runs the local buses in Bergen, Voss, and Hardanger. Most bus routes are year-round, some are seasonal. There is a direct bus connection from Bergen bus station to Odda (line 930, runs 3 times a day, takes 3h) or other options where you have to change the line.

The bus company NOR-WAY runs express buses connecting Hardanger with Oslo, Sandefjord, Larvik, Kristiansand, Stavanger and Haugesund. There is a bus connection from Oslo bus station to Odda (line NW180, you have to change bus in Seljestad vektstasjon to the line 930 - the connection buses are waiting for each other; runs 1-2 times a day, take 6,5h).

BY TRAIN:  The train ride between Bergen and Oslo, with the Bergensbahn, is a popular attraction running all year round. It is possible to go by train to Voss, and then take a direct bus to Odda.

For public transport from Odda to Skjeggedal/start of the tours to Trolltunga information here

Closest airports

Bergen - Flesland Airport

By car to Odda: approximately 3 hours (135 km), includes either ferry or tunnels where you have to pay fee; during winter (October - April), it is crucial to have good winter tires due to unpredictable weather and slippery roads!

Oslo - Gardermoen Airport

By car to Odda: approximately 6 hours (390 km), because the routes pass through a mountain plateau, it is advisable to keep up-to-date in advance to be informed about potential incidents or closure of the routes/tunnels: Traffic Information During winter (October - April), it is crucial to have good winter tires due to unpredictable weather and slippery roads.

Stavanger - Sola Airport

By car to Odda: approximately 4 hours (200 km), the ride includes ferry; during winter (October - April), it is crucial to have good winter tires due to unpredictable weather and slippery roads!

Haugesund - Karmøy Airport

By car to Odda: Approximately 2 hours (135 km) by car, during winter (October - April), it is crucial to have good winter tires due to unpredictable weather and slippery roads!

Need a place
to stay?

Trolltunga Hotel is a charming boutique hotel in the heart of Odda, welcoming you to a relaxing stay while being surrounded by beautiful mountains, waterfalls, and glacier water. This is the perfect place to recharge your batteries before or after an adventure in the great outdoors.

The hotel restaurant.

Guided tours

Check the map for an overview of all the activities and adventures and their starting points.

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RIB Fjord Safari
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Trolltunga Via Ferrata
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Multiday Kayaking on the Hardangerfjord
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Rental of kayaks or El bike without a guide
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Can I bring my bag/backpack to RIB tour?

Yes, you can bring your bag or backpack. There are compartments underneath the seats to store smaller bags or backpacks. Please note that they might be wet though. Alternatively, you can leave your bag at our base in Odda or Lofthus, where we will lock the door.

Can I bring my dog on a guided tour?

Notify us in advance. It depends on the other guests in the group, and the guides of that tour. We also have guides with dogs, and it is important for them to know about this case in advance. This is a long hike and is not suitable for some breeds especially small dogs. The Via Ferrata tours are not for dogs.

Can I do the Trolltunga Via Ferrata and stay in your overnight camp?

This is only possible as a part of our guided tour. Check out the Sunset-sunrise tour on our web page.

Can I get private sleeping arrangement at the camp?

There are 6 sleeping spots available/dome, and the usual offer is that all participants share the dome. To get a private dome you must book a private tour.

If you prefer to sleep in a regular tent, we can also put up a normal tent for 3 persons and then all social happenings, dinner & breakfast are going to take place in the dome, and you are going to sleep separately in the tent (contact us in the "special request" part of our website).

Can I pay the maintenance fee with VIPPS?

Yes. Our VIPPS account is 567407 Trolltunga Active.

Can I rent equipment at the Trolltunga Active Base?

Yes, you can. We rent out wind- and waterproof/-resistant jackets, pants, shoes and backpacks.

Can I use bathroom during the tour?

No, there is no possibility during the tour. Therefore, we kindly ask you to use the bathroom before you meet your guide. There are public toilets at the tourist info, by the bus station, in the shopping mall SØRFJORDSENTERET in Odda and at Hotel Ullensvang in Lofthus.

Can I use my private skiing gear?

Yes! It is just good that you get to learn the techniques and try it with the gear that you will use for your next adventure.

Cancellation due to bad weather. Will I get a refund?

If you choose to not show up for your tour, there is no refund. If we cancel due to the weather, you get a full refund or change to another day. This might happen due to high avalanche risk or strong winds. Please read our General Terms and Conditions for more information.

Do I get a certificate after participating in this avalanche course?

No, this is not an officially certified avalanche course. It aims at providing an introduction into the topic and basic knowledge for your private adventures in the snow.

Do I need a certification to join the kayak tour/course?

No, you do not need any certification to join the guided kayak tour.

Do I need a guide to hike Trolltunga outside the main season?

It is not mandatory, but it is recommended to use a guide in the period of 1 October – 31 May. This is due to uncertainty related to weather, snow, rivers, which previously have led to several rescue operations.

Do I need a previous experience to join the kayak tour/course?

No, it is also suitable for beginners in paddling.

Do I need any certification for Via Ferrata?

No, you do not need certification. Norway is an honest country that also trusts in the honesty of its visitors. If you tell us, you and your travel companions have the experience needed, we will believe you. After all it is your life that depends on your experience. Do not risk, just to save money!

Do I need any previous experience to climb without a guide?

Yes, all people in the group must have climbing experience. You cannot "guide" persons without climbing experience. People without climbing experience, must join the guided tours.

Do I need any previous snowboarding experience?

No, you just need to bring some warm clothes and a good portion of motivation.

Do I need previous experience with Via Ferrata on a guided tour?

No previous climbing or Via Ferrata experience is required for this activity. However, you should feel fit and comfortable with heights

Do I need previous skiing experience?

Yes, previous experience with alpine skiing is required as this course teaches more advanced skiing techniques. For beginner skiing courses check our “Skischool level 1 and 2” courses.

Do you have any vegan options on Sunset-Sunrise Tour?

We have vegan options, just inform your guide at the meet up at the start of your Sunset-Sunrise tour.

Do you offer any discounts for staying at the Trolltunga Hotel if we are booked on a hike with Trolltunga Active?

Unfortunately, we do not have any discounts for that.

How do I get from Odda to Skjeggedal (P2 parking/Trolltunga Active Base)?

There are several ways to get from Odda to Skjeggedal: by car, bus or taxi. The buses are only operating in the high season (usually they start to operate from around 20th of May and run until around 25th of September). Check out the exact operation dates, times and prices here: Shuttle buses and the contact on taxi here: Taxi

How fast does the boat can go?

Top speed is around 45 knots/83 kph/52 mph (when boat and fuel tank are almost empty). Cruising speed is around 25-30 knots/45-55 kph/25-35 mph.

How many persons can stay in one dome?

One dome has a capacity of maximum 6 people. In case of a family or a close group of friends, it is possible to fit 7 people.

How to get to P3 parking (Mågelitopp)?

It is possible to drive up in the main season. However, the spots are limited and must be prebooked. Before driving up to P3, you must also pay the road toll in the parking machine at P2 Skjeggedal. Booking and more information you will find here: P3 Mågelitopp There is also a shuttle bus driving up and down. Tickets also can be bought online or are sold in the ticket office at the beginning of the road up to P3 (bit further up from P2) More information you will find here: Shuttle bus to P3

I have food allergies, is that a problem?

We have many food options for those with different allergies. Notify us in advance.

Is Via Ferrata a short cut to Trolltunga?

No, the Via Ferrata is not a short cut to Trolltunga. It is an alternative route that has the same length as the Classic Trolltunga Hike (from P2). Often the Via Ferrata takes longer than the hike.

Is it possible to climb Via Ferrata without a guide?

Yes, but everyone in the group must be more than 15 years old and must have experience with climbing or Via Ferrata. You cannot "guide" people without climbing experience. People without climbing experience, must join the guided tours.

To climb on your own, you must pay a maintenance fee for each person. This can be done atour store in Skjeggedal or to our VIPPS account Trolltunga Active. In the store in Skjeggedal we also have rental of climbing gear (within opening hours of the store).

Is parking included in the guided tour?

The parking fee is not a part of the cost of your tour, because the P2 parking is owned by Ullensvang municipality, and it is not a part of our activity. The parking fee and the road toll is paid directly to them in a parking machine at the parking lot. To read more about the parking, its prices and what the parking fees are used for check: To Trolltunga by car / Parking

Is the Via Ferrata safe in the rain?

The Via Ferrata is built to handle rain, there are steel steps from the start to the end, so it safe to climb even if the mountain is wet. If the weather is too rough, more than 25mm of rain and wind more than 15m/s over the 24 hours, or thunderstorms (there are quite rare in our region) we cancel the tour.

Is the information meeting also for kayak tours?

The information meeting is mainly focusing on the long and demanding Trolltunga tours. If you have any questions, you can join the meeting and the guide will come with advice at the end of the meeting.

Is the meeting at Trolltunga Hotel the night before the hike mandatory?

No, however it is highly recommended. This is where you meet one of our guides and your travel companions in person. The guide will tell you about tomorrow’s weather conditions, what to wear, what to bring and safety precautions. You are welcome to ask any questions that you have.

Is there a break during the avalanche course?

Yes, we will have short breaks in between where you can enjoy your snacks and use the bathroom.

Is there a free transport to the meeting point/P2?

The transport is free only if you are staying at our partner hotel - Trolltunga Hotel. The hotel provides free transport to the meeting point as part of the accommodation.

Terms for rental of El bike

Electric Bike Rental Agreement for Hotel Guests

Thisagreement stipulates the rules that guests must follow when renting the hotel’selectric bicycles (ebike). Please ensure that these rules are followed whenenoying your cycling trip.

GeneralAgreement and Policies:


I.           Ebikes are rented out clean and in proper workingcondition and must be returned to the issuing agent in hand.

II.           Ebikes are maintained on a daily basis.

III.           It is the repsonsibility of the Client to checkthe ebike before leaving the hotel.

IV.           The Client agrees to return the ebike in a cleanand undamaged condition to avoid any additional charges for repair, maintenanceor replacement.

V.           The Client accepts the use of the ebike and takesfull responsibility for the care of the ebike while under his/her possession.

VI.           Damagedparts or components will be repaired/replaced at the hotel’s discretion.

VII.           Normalwear and tear is accepted but does not include broken spokes, rims, bent rims,damaged frames, handlebars, seats or other parts from misuse and/or crashes.

VIII.           Kindlyrestrain from cycling to prohibited areas and restricted routes.

IX.           TheHotel under no conditions will take any liability for any laws or rules notfollowed by the guest.


DetailedTerms & Conditions:


·        Application for bicycle rental:

·        Thehotel’s bicycles are rented out to the hotel’s guests only.

·        Pleasecheck the availability of the bicycles and make a reservation in advance.

·        The client must be 15 years of age or older tohire an ebike.

·        Weight Limit: The rider + carry luggage must notexceed 120 kg per ebike.

·        A valid ID Card or Driver License or Passport ANDa Credit Card is required from the client. The Hotel will take a mobile phonephoto as proof of the identification document.

·        The Client will tell the Hotel prior to hire ifthey intend to take  the  bike out of the region of Ullensvang.

·        Returning of the ebike

·        Charges for late return of the ebike are 200 NOKper ebike per hour or part thereof.

·        No refunds are given if the ebike is returnedprior to the end of the rental period.


·        Rental Fee

·        All prices include VAT/MVA

·        Any residual fees payable against the Clients credit card shall berecorded on the Out/In register and a copy provided to the Client at time oftransaction.


·        Accidents

·        Ifyou get involved in an accident while using the hotel’s ebike, please reportthe time, place, cause and circumstances of the accident to the hotelimmediately. If necessary, you must also contact the police or carry out anyother actions stipulated by law.

·        TheHotel will assume no responsibility for the accident. If the accident makes itnecessary to start an out-of-court mediation process etc., it will be done onthe Client’s sole responsibility.

·        Inaddition, regardless of the above, the hotel may claim compensation from theguest for all damages, even including damages that the hotel has had tocompensate to a third party.


·        Bicycle damage or breakdown

·        Ifthe ebike breaks down or sustains damage during the rental period, pleasecontact the hotel immediately.

·        Ifthe Client has repairs done to the ebike without the hotel’s prior permission,the hotel cannot cover the costs of the repairs.

·        Any loss or damage incurred by the Client willresult in a $1000 excess insurance claim fee.

·        The Client agrees not to ride the ebike in anysaltwater whatsoever.

·        The Client agrees not to go into water deeper than10 cm or just above the ground  leveltyre rim. Submerging the ebike above this height may result in a motor faultand the Client will be responsible for any repair.

·        If evidence of off-road cycling use is found, aminimum cleaning charge of 450 NOK/ebike will apply plus any repairs due tomisuse.

·        The ebikes offer power assisted pedalling and some pedalling isrequired by the user to achieve the most efficient use and distance. Thebattery will be fully  charged on hire. Aflat battery request for pick up will be charged out at 200 NOK per 15 minutedrive to exchange batteries.Loss or theft of a bicycle

·        The Client will ensure their ebike is not left unattended at any time.

·        Ifyou lose your ebike or it is stolen during the rental period, please contactthe hotel immediately.

·        Loss of ebike will result in the Client incurring a current replacementRRP cost. This cost is currently around 17 000 NOK.

·        Loss of battery will result in a current replacement RRP cost of7 000 NOK to the Client.


·        Loss or destruction of a key

·        For each loss of key, a 250 NOK replacement costwill apply.

·        Prohibitedacts

·        Whenusing our rental bicycles, the following things are forbidden:

·        Drunkor reckless driving, or any other violation of traffic regulations.

·        Usingthe bicycle in dangerous or unsuitable locations.

·        Parkingthe bicycle in a bicycle-prohibited-zone or a place where it disturbs car orpedestrian traffic.

·        Modificationof the bicycle or its accessories, or otherwise changing them from theircurrent state.

·        Continuingto drive the bicycle after noticing that it has a flat tire or some otherproblem.

·        Lettingthe bicycle be used by someone else than the person named in the application.


·        Hotels refusal to rent out a bicycle. The hotelmay refuse to rent out a bicycle for one or more of the below reasons:


·        The hotel considers it likely that the applicantcannot follow the rules stated above.

·        The hotel has reason to believe that the applicantis a member of a criminal organisation or some other organisation detrimentalto public peace.

·        If the rental period overlaps or is predicted tooverlap with a period of strong wind, rain or other hazardous weather.

·        If the  Hotel is of the opinion that the client cannotsafely control the ebike.


·        Health &Safety

·        Before ridingoff Clients must be briefed by our authorized staff.

·        The Clientmust always wear a helmet when riding the ebike.

·        The Clientmust cycle on the right-side of the road or on a cycle lane.

·        The Clientmust obey all road signs and traffic signals.

·        It is the repsonsibility of the Client to checkthe ebike before leaving the hotel.

·        When stopping,move left off the road / cycle way to the kerb or footpath

·        When approachingpedestrians from behind (e.g. on shared access ways), signal       your approach by using the bike bell orverbally announcing your approach

·        ALWAYS ride with consideration and caution of other cyclists.


·        Release Waiver:

·        Clients acknowledge and agree that Hotel Ullensvang  has no control over the operation of therental ebikes by Clients.

·        The  Hotel assumes noresponsibility for and cannot be held liable for any personal injury, propertydamage, third party liability or other loss, accident, delay, inconvenience, orirregularity which may be occasioned either by reason of any wrongful,negligent or accidental acts or omissions on the part of the Client or theClient’s agents; any defect in or failure of any vehicle, equipment orinstrumentality owned, operated or otherwise used by the Client; any wrongfulor negligent acts or omissions on the part of any other party not under thecontrol, direct or otherwise.

·        The Client indemnifies Hotel Ullensvang, its agents and employees fromand against any and all liability arising during the rental period. Clientsacknowledge that they are aware of the risks involved with cycling includingbut not limited to physical exertion, forces of nature, accidents, travel viaany mode of transport, adequacy of medical facilities, or negligence on thepart of employees, agents or others of Ullensvang Hotel.

·        Clients agree to be responsible for their own welfare and accept anyand all risk associated with the activities they undertake.

·        Clients acknowledge and agree Hotel Ullensvang  has the right to refuse hire for not executingthis document or other required documentation correctly.

Terms for rental of Kayak

Document kayaking experience, minimum 'Våttkort' or similare certificate.

Weather conditions < 7 m/s.

The long-term weather forecast looks bad. Is it safe to hike?

The long-term weather forecast can be unreliable. We rely on the forecast 2-3 days in advance. Besides, old Norwegian wisdom teaches us: there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. If you are booked on a hike with us and the weather conditions are so bad that they might threaten our safety, we will cancel the tour.

There is a minimum of 2 participants for Trolltunga Active in order to run the tour. What happens if I am the only one?

If you are the only person booked on a tour, we will ask you to move your booking to another day. If this is not possible, you will be refunded. You can wait until the evening before the hike to see if there are any last-minute bookings. Alternatively, if you really want to go and cannot reschedule, you can pay for a second ticket.

There is a minimum of two people on the tours. What happens if I am the only one?

We will ask you to move your booking to another day and you will be refunded if this is not possible. Alternatively, you can wait until the evening before the hike and see if there are any last-minute bookings. If that does not happen and you still want to hike, you must pay for two.

What are the facilities by the domes for Sunset-Sunrise tour? Are there any toilets by the domes?

There is a drop-toilet available outside the dome tents. The glamping tents possess very basic facilities, as we operate in a very remote area. There are no shower facilities and no electricity.

What equipment is included in the guided tours?

See the specific tour you are interested in. Each tour has in description what is included and what you need to bring.

What is the info meeting about and is it mandatory?

The information meeting at 9pm at Trolltunga Hotel is for all guests coming on Trolltunga Active tours the next day. It is not mandatory; however, it is highly recommended. This is where you meet one the guides will tell you about tomorrow’s weather conditions, what to wear, what to bring and safety precautions. You are welcome to ask any questions that you have. Also, you get to meet some of your travel companions for the next day!

What is the maximum size of the group on the guided tour?

We have 8 persons per guide. If the group is bigger there will be more guides. We start as the entire group together and then if it is necessary, we split based on the pace.

When do we return from Trolltunga Sunset-Sunrise back to the meeting point/P2?

Normally, we return to P2 around 2-3pm. However, everything is based on the weather and agreement between the guide and the participants.

Where and when is the last chance to book a tour?

Last chance to book a tour is the evening before the hike before 6pm. It might be possible to book after this, but that requires enough spots available. You can still show up at the tour meeting and see if there are any free spots.

Where can I park my car before the hike?

Trolltunga Active Base is located in Skjeggedal at P2 parking which is the parking by the starting point for hikes to Trolltunga. For more information check: To Trolltunga by car / Parking

Where can I pay the maintenance fee?

There are three options: 1. Online on our web page 2. At Trolltunga Active Base on P2 in Skjeggedal 3. To our Vipps account: Trolltunga Active 567407.

Why do not you anymore use the bikes to reach the Via Ferrata?

Unfortunately, we can no longer offer the bikes in the beginning of this tour as it is more sustainable and time-efficient to walk on the trail.

Why to join a guide on Via Ferrata?

Climbing a Via Ferrata without proper experience impose serious risks. Therefore, we highly recommend joining a guided tour since your guide will show you how to use the equipment correctly and safely and assist you whenever you are facing challenges. People with prior experience will benefit from special tips and tricks. Through stories about local history, culture and nature, your guide will help you see your surroundings with fresh eyes.

Why to join a guided tour?

Your guides are not just signposts. They are here also to provide you a safe trip, tips and trick on hiking and outdoor life and an explanation of local fauna a flora. During the tours, they share with you a lot of stories about local history and culture, best lunch spots and viewpoints. We also should not forget about your fellow travellers – you meet new people from all over the world and create great memories. All this combined explains how a simple hike can turn into an unforgettable experience!

Will my camera get wet?

Yes, if it is raining. Make sure you bring a cover. Depending on the tour and the conditions there might be other situations where you or your camera could get wet, your skipper will advise you beforehand so you can store things away on time.

Will we get a dome for ourselves?

If you do not book a private tour, you normally share dome with other participants of the tour. To guarantee a private dome, you must place a booking for 5 persons. Then mark «Private guide, xx participants» in the cell for your first name, and your full name in the cell for the last.

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